US elections 

As always the result of the US elections will have an impact on the rest of the world as well. This applies to all aspects of society but to the economy and global trade in particular.
In co-production with NLinBusiness and WTC NL we are pleased to invite you for a livestream discussion on November 5, right after the elections when the election result is clear. 
An online informative event with top names where both the U.S. elections will be analysed as well as the expected economic and trade consequences of the result will be discussed. We will leave you with a better idea on how the elections will impact the (global) economy and your business.

Livestream: 5 November, 14.00 – 15.00 hrs
Moderator & discussion leader: Sophie Derkzen 
Pete Hoekstra – US Ambassador
Willem Post – Historian and USA expert
Bert Colijn – ING economist
Yousef Yousef – CEO LG Sonic
Dennis Tan – CEO

The entire program will be in English.

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If you register for the livestream, you will receive a link a few days prior to the event. You can also share the link within your organization or among your relations. There is no cost involved.
Together with the link we will also provide access (on this page) to an electronic ‘goodie bag’ with information concerning the topics discussed and about doing business in the USA.

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Business Club Manager
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